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The Friends of the Lancaster Public Library was established in 1978. Our goal is to work along side of the Lancaster Public Library, providing fun and entertaining ways to raise funds to provide programs for you and your family. When you donate gently used magazines and clean, interesting books we are able to provide you with various sales that allows you to purchase new books that can open new and interesting worlds. In return, these donations allow us to stock a bookstore that can provide interesting and varied reading at your fingertips. The same funds also help provide, with Lancaster Public Library's help, programs that both adults and children can enjoy.

Friends of the 
Lancaster Public Library

Updates on The Friends of the Lancaster Public Library Site as of
April 13, 2014!
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  • New March Big Sale Pictures are now posted on page 5 in the pictures area.
  • New March Big Sale Set-up pictures have been posted to page 5. Go check them out!
  • Check out the minutes from Decembers Meeting in the Minutes section!
  • We did great at our last Super Saturday Sale! Check out the amount on our Super Saturday page!
  • Want to know who the board members are? Check out the Board Members page to find out!
  • Missed out on the Friends Installation? Check out the photos here!

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